Departments N - Z

  1. Parking

    The City of Attleboro’s Parking Office is responsible for the operation of all City of Attleboro’s public parking, including its parking garage, city-owned lots and on-street parking.

  2. Parks & Forestry

    Learn about the Parks and Forestry Department and see the rules and regulations for parks.

  3. Personnel Department

    The Personnel Department is responsible for the recruitment of professional and classified employees and other human resources responsibilities.

  4. Planning & Development

    Access contact information for the Planning and Development Department, view maps and links pertaining to the land development regulations.

  5. Police Department

    Access the Attleboro Police Department for information on crime prevention and to submit a tip.

  6. Public Library

    View the library catalog and services that the public library offers.

  7. Public Works - Highway Division

    The Department of Public Works - Highway Division is responsible for the construction, alterations, repair, maintenance and management of public ways and sidewalks, storm drains and culverts.

  8. Recreation Department

    Learn all about the Recreation Department and its services.

  9. Recycling & Rubbish

    Read about the recycling efforts of the residents of Attleboro.

  10. Schools

    Access the Attleboro Public Schools website.

  11. Veteran's Department

    Access information about the services offered to veterans in Attleboro.

  12. Wastewater Department

    The Department of Wastewater is responsible for the sewer collection system and wastewater treatment facility for the city.

  13. Water Department

    View contact information and frequently asked questions about the Water Department.