How to add your name to the Annual Census

Attention Attleboro Residents: There is an address error on the return envelopes for the 2024 City Census forms. If you are mailing back your completed census, please cross out the incorrect zip code and write in the correct the zip code: 02703. The printing company has acknowledged this error and is working to correct it on future mailings. Please note that completed census forms can also be dropped into the ballot drop box located outside City Hall, inside City Hall in the box at the Reception Counter, or upstairs in the Election Commission’s Office.   See this letter for more information.

Each year, the City is required by State Law to conduct a census of all residents. We use the information to protect your voting rights and provide better City services.

Please note:  Completing the census form does not register you to vote.  You can learn how to register to vote at or call 508-223-2222 Ext. 1806 for more information.

Print out and complete the Annual Resident Listing Form.  Please remember to fill out all sections of the form.  Please make sure your information is accurate.

Mail your form to us at

                Attleboro Elections Office

                77 Park Street

                Attleboro, MA  02703

Or email to: