Sanford St Municipal Parking Garage Repair Project

What repairs are planned for the Municipal Parking Garage?

The City of Attleboro is launching a $475,000 capital repair project to renovate our downtown parking garage (located at the corner of Bank and Sanford Streets) - to enhance the customer experience and extend the lifespan of the facility. Although some will be inconvenienced, the City is taking this action to ensure the safety of all customers. These needed repairs include:

  • Concrete repairs 
  • Drainage repairs 
  • Joint repairs

To ensure the safety of all customers and their vehicles, as well as to guarantee the most efficient repair schedule, the garage will remain closed during these repairs.

These repairs are a continuation of a multi-year improvement plan for the Parking Garage, which has already included lighting upgrades and the installation of 13 security cameras.

When will the Municipal Parking Garage close, and how long will it remained closed?

The Municipal Parking Garage will be closed effective June 1, 2019, and will remained closed for the duration of the project (estimated sixty (60) days). The Municipal Parking Garage is expected to reopen by August 10, 2019.

 If I have a monthly/quarterly Parking Pass, where can I park while the Parking Garage is closed for repairs?

While the Parking Garage is closed for repairs, the following City-owned parking lots may be temporarily used by customers displaying a valid monthly/quarterly parking pass:

  •  Bank Street Parking Lot
  • Sanford Street (YMCA) Parking Lot
  • North Main Street (Library) Parking Lot

These temporary parking alternatives are highlighted in yellow on the attached map

How can I stay informed about the garage repair project?

News and updates about this project will be shared via the City of Attleboro’s website or by contacting:


MAY 15, 2019

We continue to move forward with our plan to have the garage completely shut down and vacant by our target date of June 1. To accomplish this goal, we have begun to block off sections of the garage as they become unoccupied.  This process will ensure that by June 1, there are no cars remaining in the garage. 

The bids for this project are due on May 23.  If the garage is completely empty before June 1, it is quite possible that the contractor could start earlier than anticipated, which means the garage could be opened sooner than the projected August 5 date.

Therefore, we continue to encourage drivers to seek alternative parking areas (see below) during this project sooner rather than later

We thank you for you patience in this project.

Cathy Rego (Parking Clerk) (508)-223-2222 Ex-3160