Environmental Sustainability and Community Resilience

A task force has been convened to explore pathways for a more sustainable and resilient Attleboro.  


The volunteer task force is currently drafting a plan to help the City begin addressing the negative impacts of climate change and other environmental stressors.  The task force is reaching out to a number of government and civic groups for feedback and input.  In addition, the task force is encouraging input from the Attleboro community as a whole through this website, city Alerts, and other media.  The task force plans to hold a public forum in the fall 2022 to review the plan and other suggestions.


To create a long range, strategic, and ambitious Environmental Master Plan (EMP) that will provide a blueprint for sustainable and resilient growth and is intended to be a comprehensive compilation of actionable recommendations based on six core pillars of focus to guide current and future city governing bodies.

Get involved

  • Provide input to Chair, Mike Davis.  For instance, suggest ways that your organization might fit into this effort, or to ways to get the community involved.
  • Help the task force to spread the word, using the Petition link below.
  • Write or call your councilors voicing support for the EMP.


  • The Task Force meets at 3pm the first Tuesday of the month at City Hall, first floor Annex room. 
  • Special public input meeting October 4th at 3pm. 

Change.org - EMP Canvass

Link to Canvass (PDF)

Link to Flyer (PDF)

EMP Document (PDF) 

EMP Actions (PDF)

EMP Presentation (PDF)

For more, contact Chair Mike Davis, MikeDavisNew@comcast.net.