Public Health Nurse

If you are a resident of Attleboro and a Humanitarian Parolee from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, Venezuela, or Ukraine you may be asked to receive a IGRA tuberculosis blood test for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service within 90 days. Please contact the Public Health Nurse if this applies to you or your family (must be over 2 years of age).

Services include:

  • Home and wellness visits for community members. Please call to schedule.
  • Mental health resources.
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar screening.
  • Childhood vaccinations.
  • Infectious disease management.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Skin testing $15 cash or check. August - November, by appointment every year starting in August and through the end of November. Please call to schedule.
  • Flu Vaccines
    • Available, at no cost, at the Health Department starting in October and while supplies last. Please register at the link to secure your spot! Registration link can be shared with family and friends in Attleboro.
    • Our flu vaccine is preferable for ages 6 months to 64 years of age. For those 65 years of age and older, we do not offer the High Dose flu vaccine which is preferable for your age group. High dose flu vaccines will be available at the Larson Center Flu Clinic in October.