1. Agendas & Minutes

    Access easily searchable meeting agendas and minutes for various boards, commissions, and committees.

  2. Attleboro Municipal Council

    Learn about the Attleboro Municipal Council, its members and meeting times.

  3. Boards & Commissions

    View Boards and Commissions for Attleboro.

  4. Budget & Capital Improvements

    Read the current budget and plans for capital improvements in Attleboro.

  5. City Charter (PDF)

    View the established city charter.

  6. City Ordinance (PDF)

    Discover the city ordinance for Attleboro.

  7. Departments A - M

    View a listing of the city departments beginning with the letters A - M.

  8. Departments N - Z

    Here you will find a list of departments with a brief description of each departments responsibilities and services.

  9. Massachusetts General Laws (PDF)

    Access the state laws that are accepted in the City of Attleboro.