Fire System Policy

The Water Department requires that the fire service have its own line from the water main into the building. The Cross Connection Application Form has to be submitted and approved before any work takes place. This is in addition to the Water Service Permit.

If the Department receives a signed certified letter from the sprinkler company, stating that the existing domestic water line has been tested and is of adequate size, it can be used at the discretion of the Superintendent of Water.

In order for the existing line to be considered for reuse, the existing conditions must be met, at a minimum:

  • A new valve has to be installed on the water service line at the foundation.
  • The domestic water service line has to have a valve before the water meter, to isolate the line.
  • The fire service line has to be tapped off the water service line before the water meter.
  • The fire service line has to have a valve right after the tap to isolate the line.

The Cross Connection Inspector must inspect and approve the installation. The back flow device will be tested after approval. At time of approval, a permit number for the device will be registered with the City Cross Connection Program for regular testing.