Service Specifications

Please note all gates and hydrants are open right. All service curb stops open left.

Water Mains & Services

  • Ductile iron pipe, C-52 150 PSI for all water mains.
  • Copper, type K, for all water services. Box to main.
  • Polyplastic on private property with department approval
  • D.I. piping, push on and mechanical joints. Mega lug for bends 45, 90 degree. This is at the discretion of the department.

Service Valves

  • Flared and Compression
  • Mueller and Ford Products
  • Equal with authorization.
  • Curb Stops, corporations, couplings and unions
  • Rodded boxes on all new service installations.


  • Mueller Centurion A-423
  • American Darling B62-B
  • Thrust blocks required on all installations.

Water Meters

  • Water meters register in cubic feet with 2 wire remote.
  • Sizes 5/8 inches - 2 inches discs positive displacement. Compound meters are required for larger mains.
  • Badger

Street Valves

  • Mueller and ford or equal with department authorization.
  • Butterfly valves
  • Resilient seated valves

General Information

  • Water main installation 5 1/2 feet - 6 feet. minimum water main size 8." All mains have to be looped back to the system.
  • Material used in trench, departments discretion.
  • Meter pits will not be permitted.
  • The Department of Water and Wastewater requires 24 hours notice for a full inspection before back filling.
  • A 72 hour notice is required for street marking of water and sewer mains.Please call DigSafe at 811 or 888-DIG-SAFE.
  • Contractors must have licenses and permits bond for multiple permits $5000.
  • Indemnification and liability insurance:
    • A) $1,000,000 Bodily/Injury.
    • B) $50,000 Section 16-06.5 of the City Ordinance
  • Condition of permit: refer to ordinance 16-12.2 and 16-12.3.

Construction Standards and Specifications (PDF)