Historic Sites


Forty-seven historical properties are catalogued in The Historical Site Guide of Attleboro, Massachusetts Booklet (PDF), which was originally compiled by Elizabeth Phillips and subsequently revised by a committee of the Attleboro Historical Commission. The sites are grouped in six different "clusters" and each listing is accompanied by a brief description. Citywide and cluster maps provide locations.

National Register of Historic Places

Of the 47 properties described in the Historical Site Guide, eleven locations are currently listed in the National Register of Historic Places website. Maintained by the National Park Service, part of the U.S. Department of the Interior, this is an official list of buildings and other sites considered worthy of preservation due to their historical significance. The table provides locations of the Attleboro entries on the National Register and indicates when they were added.

National Register Locations for Attleboro

Building(s) or Site Address Date Listed
Blackinton Houses and Park
N Main Street

April 20, 1979
Capron House
42 N Avenue
July 21, 1978
Captain Joel Robinson House 111 Rocklawn Avenue November 20, 1978
D.E. Makepeace Company  46 Pine Street July 17, 1985
East Attleborough Academy 28 Sanford Street April 4, 1985
First Parsonage for Second East Parish Church 41 S Main Street April 2, 1980
(No Longer Standing)
Hebronville Mill Historic District Knight Avenue, Phillips Street and Read Street May 17, 1984
Herbert A. Sadler House 574 Newport Avenue October 21, 1982
Northbound and Southbound Train Stations 1 and 3 Mill Street January 5, 1989
U.S. Post Office, Attleboro Main 75 Park Street October 19, 1987