Historic Burial Ground Cleanups

The Attleboro Historical Commission welcomes local community and youth centers to clean up the following historic cemeteries in the city:
  • Coombs Burial Ground
  • Dodge Island Burial Ground
  • Follett Family Burial Ground
  • Peck Burial Ground
  • Solomon Burial Ground
  • Thayer Burial Ground
Interested groups must submit the Attleboro Historical Commission Historic Burial Ground Cleanup Form (PDF) to obtain commission approval at least two weeks in advance of a proposed cleanup and observe the guidelines below while work is underway.

Burial Ground Cleanup Guidelines

  • Thank you for helping preserve the history of Attleboro by donating your time to help maintain one of the city's Burial Grounds
  • Please submit the form per the instructions and proceed only when the form submission has been approved by the Historical Commission and a confirmatory email indicating that approval has been sent
    to your organization
  • The Commission encourages spring and fall cemetery cleanups, including weeding, raking, cutting of small saplings, and collection of trash and plant debris, which should be placed in separate disposable bags.
  • Your group must make arrangements through the Historical Commission for trash pickup by The Attleboro Department of Parks and Forestry, who will specify the exact location to leave the bags for pickup.
  • You are free to keep any bottles and/or cans for redemption if you choose.
  • Adult supervision is required at all times that your group is in the Burial Grounds and extreme care must be exercised since unfortunately the locations of the Burial Grounds makes.them candidates for dumping of almost anything.
  • Gloves and other protective equipment should be used as conditions indicate
  • Perform cleanup and maintenance work with the utmost respect for the deceased. You may find some gravestones in pieces on the ground and they should be left that way. If you notice any new damage, please report it to us.
  • Do not alter burial grounds in any way without prior approval from the commission.
  • Use caution and care during cleanup work to ensure that no damage is done to any grave or burial ground monuments or markers.
  • Please follow the basic rule of "do no harm" in performing cleanup and maintenance work, preserving the historic nature of the burial ground and leaving the site in as near original condition as possible.
  • Please do not touch anything that could be considered hazardous or dangerous. Contact the Historical Commission or Department of Parks and Forestry immediately if a dangerous condition is identified
  • Do not touch or feed any wildlife you may encounter