Management Information Services

Located in City Hall, the Management Information Services (MIS Department) administers the citywide computer network, which connects all municipal buildings. MIS is an internal service department that serves the information technology needs of the city's departments.

The MIS Department is responsible for the purchase, installation, maintenance, and support of all technology equipment and software throughout the city. The department is comprised of a Director and a Senior IT Technician. The department provides the computing platforms, which processes the city's:
  • Accounts payable
  • Financial programs
  • Payroll
  • Real estate tax billing and collections
  • Transfer station weighing applications
  • Water and sewer billing system


  • Aid all City departments in the delivery of services and products by providing development, administration, installation and maintenance of information technologies
  • Centralize purchasing of computer hardware and software for all departments. This will ensure streamlined repairs and maintenance, standardize use of technology, and compliance with copyright laws.
  • Ensure a reliable, secure, and responsive centrally managed, computing environment to meet the continuing needs of City departments
  • Represent the City in dealings with outside agencies regarding information technology issues