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  • Military Assistance Program (MAP) - MAP is sponsored by the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Military Community and Family Policy. This site offers information and tools for military members and their families in family support areas such as relocation, employment, and financial management. The site also provides a database to locate your nearest family support center.
  • Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Community and Family Policy - This office is directly responsible for programs and policies which establish and support community quality of life programs on military installations for service members and their families worldwide. This office also serves as the focal point for coordination of the broad range of Quality of Life issues within the Department of Defense.
  • Military Children and Youth - This site, developed by the Military Family Resource Center, provides information on military children and youth issues, programs, and initiatives. It is designed to share information on military efforts with the civilian community, as well as to facilitate efforts within the military community.
  • Military Community Programs - Family support is an integral part of the Department's strategy to maintain a ready force. Studies show family satisfaction with military life is a major determiner of retention. Often, family support is the lifeline for families in an unstable environment during deployments, frequent moves, and long work hours. This site provides information on Department of Defense's programs for family support.
  • Military Family Resource Center (MFRC) - This site sponsored by the Department of Defense is a resource for military program staff and policy makers. MFRC offers a variety of services that include: information dissemination, research synthesis, online database and resource collection, and written informational products. These services focus on the policy, research and programs pertaining to a wide array of military family support programs and issues.
  • Military Teens on the Move - This site features a chat room, bulletin board, and other resources and information for military teens around the world to assist them with relocating and other teen issues.
  • National Military Family Association - The mission of NMFA is to serve the families of the seven uniformed services through education, information, and advocacy. The Association has been and is dedicated to identifying and resolving issues affecting families of the Uniformed Services through research, education, legislation, and public information.