Permits - Athletic Fields

The Recreation Department is responsible for the permitting of city owned athletic fields. This includes all school fields except for Tozier-Cassidy Field at Attleboro High School.


As requests for field use typically outnumbers the space available, fields are generally not available for use by non-resident individuals, groups or organizations. The Recreation Commission has prioritized the allocation of field space as noted in the Regulation for Allocation and Use Form.


The Attleboro Recreation Commission has voted to accept a number of organizations as our "Affiliated Youth Groups." These groups have long-term relationships with the Commission and the Attleboro Recreation Department - working together to ensure that youth sports is a positive experience for all. Our "Affiliated Youth Groups" get top priority and use most of the field availability. Splinter groups that do not benefit the long term interest of our "Affiliated Youth Groups" will not be issued permits.

Due to the limited availability, all groups, including our affiliated Youth Groups, should check with the Recreation Director prior to planning an expansion of their current programs if it would require additional field space.

Affiliated Youth Groups

  • Attleboro Badgers (A.A.U. Baseball)
  • Attleboro White Hawks (Football and Cheerleading)
  • Attleboro Youth Baseball
  • Attleboro Youth Soccer
  • S.A.G.R.A. (Girl's Softball and Field Hockey)
  • Titan's Youth Lacrosse

Application Process

Each individual, group or organization desiring to permit a field must first fill out the application available below. Upon receipt of the application the Director of Recreation will determine if space is available and appropriate. If so, a permit will be mailed to the individual requesting the permit. The permit must be signed by the individual and returned along with a copy of:
  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Inclement Weather Clause
Upon receipt of these three items and any appropriate fee the Director of Recreation will issue the final permit.

Permits- Athletic Fields Documents