Nutrition Services

The Attleboro Council On Aging participates in the regional senior nutrition program offered through Bristol Elder Services, Inc. The Nutrition Program provides healthy and balanced meals for seniors designed by a nutritionist. All meals are lower sodium and consist of:
  • Bread and Butter
  • Dessert and Milk
  • A Protein
  • A Starch and a Vegetable
People with special dietetic needs may choose for a low or no sugar content meal with low fat milk. To view the menu, visit the Bristol Elder website.

Program Details

The Nutrition Program offers:
  • Daily Lunches
  • Special Entertainment Lunches
  • Summer Coupon Program

Nutritious Home Delivered Meals (Meals-on-Wheels)

Offered through Bristol Elder Services Nutrition Programs. Home Delivered Meals services are available to seniors age 60 and older who are home bound due to illness or age and are unable to prepare meals.

Those who are enrolled in this program receive meals Monday through Friday that are nutritionally balanced and wholesome. The suggested and voluntary donation is $2 per meal. Seniors who wish to receive Home Delivered Meals should contact Bristol Elder Services at 774-627-1302 to request the program.

Daily Lunch at the Council on Aging (COA)

Lunch is served daily by the nutrition staff at the Council On Aging. The Site Nutrition Program is sponsored by Bristol Elder Services, and is available to seniors age 60 and older. Lunch reservations must be made by 10 a.m. of the previous business day to allow the caterer ample time to purchase enough food.


The suggested and voluntary donation is $2 per meal. To contact nutrition call 774-203-1905.

Farmer's Market Summer Coupon Program

Seniors may receive coupons for the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh baked goods and other items like honey and maple syrup from a participating Framer's Market stand. Coupons are available on a limited basis.

Special Lunches With Entertainment

Seniors can attend special luncheon programs provided through the COA Activities department.

Additional Information

For more information regarding our nutrition program, special lunches and Farmer's Market coupons, please check our Newsletter (PDF) or call the Attleboro Council on Aging at 774-203-1906.