Youth Commission


  • Twice a month on alternating Wednesdays and Thursdays, or as needed
  • City Hall
    77 Park Street
    Attleboro, MA 02703


The Attleboro Youth Commission invites City youth to actively participate in our local government to ensure that young people have a role and a voice in the policy and budget decisions which impact their lives. Youth Commissioners represent and advocate for the needs and wants of Attleboro's youth and encourage youth to become involved and to speak up in the political arena. The Attleboro Youth Commission is a fantastic opportunity to bring together young people from various ethnic, socio-economic, and geographic backgrounds to debate current issues and create meaningful policies for youth.

Youth Participation

Many young adults have questions about city government and are deeply concerned about their city. If given the opportunity, they would love to participate in setting the goals and policies which will affect them in the future. The establishment of the Attleboro Youth Commission gives these young adults this opportunity.

Only a handful of Massachusetts communities can boast of having a Youth Commission. By adopting G.L. c. 40, section 8E, the Municipal Council and the City of Attleboro have sent the message that our youth represent not only our future, but our present.