Attleboro Timeline

  1. 17th Century
  2. 18th Century
  3. 19th Century
  4. 20th Century
  5. 21st Century
  • 1634 The first English settlers arrive in the territory that is present day Attleboro
  • 1669 John Woodcock establishes a small family settlement and tavern in North Attleborough that will later come under native American attack during King Philip's War (1675-76)
  • 1680 For the first time, settlers hire a teacher to instruct local boys in reading and writing
  • 1694 Attleborough is incorporated as a town from a portion of Rehoboth known as the North Purchase
  • 1696 The first Attleborough town meeting on record is held
  • 1698 Attleborough appoints its first schoolmaster and the following year hires a teacher to instruct both boys and girls to "read English, and write, and cast accounts"