Attleboro Commission on Disabilities (ACoD)

Until further notice, all public meetings will be held via Zoom.

Commissions on Disabilities are governed by M.G.L. Ch 40 and accordingly have the power

to: advise and assist municipal officials and employees in ensuring compliance with state and

federal laws and regulations that affect people with disabilities; coordinate or carry out programs

designed to meet the problems of people with disabilities in coordination with programs of the

Massachusetts Office on Disability; review and make recommendations about policies, procedures,

services, activities and facilities of departments, boards and agencies of said city or town as they

affect people with disabilities; research local problems of people with disabilities; provide

information, referrals, guidance and technical assistance to individuals, public agencies, businesses

and organizations in all matters pertaining to disability; coordinate activities of other local groups

organized for similar purposes

Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase opportunities and remove barriers for people with disabilities by

facilitating full and equal participation in all aspects of life within the city of Attleboro. The

Commission will strive to make Attleboro a safe, accessible and supportive place to live, work and

visit for people of all abilities. We will raise awareness and guide all residents about challenges

facing people with disabilities and their families. The Commission also intends to help influence

public policy and act in an advisory capacity to ensure that opportunities are increased for persons

with disabilities to foster self-determination and to reach their maximum potential in independence,

human development, productivity and self-sufficiency. We will promote fair and equal treatment,

address discrimination, and continue to build a welcoming and diverse community.


Attleboro Commission on Disabilities will:

• Make recommendations to the Mayor, Municipal Council and School Committee regarding

issues and actions that affect disability rights in our community

• Offer a public forum for any person or group with a perceived disability rights grievance and

serve as a source of support, information and guidance

• Promote understanding of a range of disabilities through informational events and


• Increase community awareness of possible disability rights violations

• Enlist the cooperation of public and private religious, ethnic, civic, fraternal and benevolent

agencies in eliminating unlawful discrimination against people with disabilities by cultivating

an atmosphere of mutual understanding and harmonious inter-group relations

Contact Us


Phone: 508-223-2222, ext. 3221

Mailing Address:

City Hall

Attn: Commission on Disabilities

77 Park Street

Attleboro, MA 02703