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July 15, 2021 2:27 PM

Control of Rodents

Like many other communities, Attleboro is currently seeing an uptick in the rodent population. Shorter and warmer winters are attributing to longer breeding seasons. The Health Department has many initiatives in place to curb rodent activity in the community. The Health Department works to promote better understanding of rat behaviors and how to minimize their presence and impact. The Health Department often surveys areas of the community for rodent conditions and provides educational information to the public, businesses and ensures best practices in the area of pest management and control. The primary goal of the Health Department is to prevent human exposure to rodent caused disease by eliminating any food and water source, sealing entrances to homes, and successfully trapping rodents. Please note, the Health Department does not have the authority to directly remove rodents or debris from any privately owned property.

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Rodents (002)
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