What should I do with my mattress and box spring?

As of November 1, 2022, mattress and box springs will be banned from the landfill. Acceptable mattress (dry and no bed bugs) can be recycled at the City's recycling center during normal business hour for $25/piece. Residents may contract directly with a private company for curbside pick-up and recycling of mattresses and box springs. Below is the contact information for one such private company. HandUp Mattress Recycling offers mattress pickup services in Attleboro. The City has no contractual or other relationship with HandUp or any other company, and neither endorses or warrants the services provided by any such company. This contract information is provided as a courtesy to our residents. Residents can directly contact HandUp to make an appointment for the curbside pickup of a mattress and/or box spring by going directly to their website - www.handupmattress.com or by calling 774-271-8744.

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