I was only there for a few minutes over the allowable time limit. Why did I get a ticket?
The object of time-limited parking is to help provide the customers of our many downtown merchants with access to the most convenient parking possible. Time-limited parking in the downtown protects the interests of the business and retail community by ensuring that parking is regularly available and turned over. Keeping these free parking spaces available is, therefore, very important to the success of our downtown.

The term “harboring” is when a car occupies an on street parking space for longer than the legal allowance. Harboring poses a problem in business districts by preventing turnover of parking spaces, which would allow new users access to the district. When these free parking spots are taken by all-day commuters, etc., our downtown merchants risk losing potential customers. Parking enforcement is used to discourage harboring.

Other parking practices that are harmful to the downtown businesses include “car shuffling” and “double parking”. The practice of “car shuffling” by merchants and/or employees who work in the downtown is also harmful to the success of the downtown. Car shuffling is the constant moving of a vehicle to another time limited parking space before the current parking space time limit is up; moving the vehicle back to the same space after driving around the block; or a vehicle has been parked for longer than the total time limit allows. However, every space occupied by a car belonging to a merchant or one of their employees means one less space for the shopping and buying public.

Most parking spaces are clearly marked out with lines. The practice of “double parking” refers to cars which take up multiple parking spaces. When a vehicle takes up 2 spaces, it disrupts the order of a parking lot or street, and takes away an opportunity for another shopper to park. Since other cars will follow suit to be more space efficient, the problem can have a domino effect on the street or across a parking lot.

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